Customer Testimonial Questions

Are you thinking about creating a customer testimonial video?  A great customer testimonial video starts with great questions. Of course, every customer is different and every customer testimonial video is very different.  However, there are some basic customer testimonial questions that can be used as a starting point for almost any customer testimonial video.

Below are some sample customer testimonial questions that you might want to think about asking for you next customer testimonial video.  It is likely that some of the questions will get answers you might not want to use in the final video. That’s OK! It is the job of the video editor to use the answers that make both your company and your customer look great.

Basic Customer Testimonial Questions

  • What is your name, role and name of your business?
  • How long have you worked with COMPANY X?
  • Why did you first select COMPANY X as your vendor?
  • What do you like most about working with COMPANY X?
  • Why do you continue working with COMPANY X?
  • How has the customer service been with COMPANY X?
  • What are the features or products you like the most?
  • How would you describe the people you have worked with at COMPANY X?
  • What are some of the benefits of working with COMPANY X?
  • Would you recommend COMPANY X?
  • What else do you want to say about COMPANY X?

As you can see, the customer testimonial questions listed above are not all inclusive.  In fact, they are just meant to be questions that help get a conversation started.  Very often we find during a customer testimonial video production there are questions that need to be asked based on the answers from the customer.  That’s why it is important to ask customer testimonial questions that are open-ended  and allow the customer to speak freely. Ultimately, you want to capture great video of your customer speaking positively about your company and services in a very authentic way.

For some other interview-style videos, it can be a bad idea to share the interview questions before the video shoot as some people will try to memorize answers and end up sounding scripted.  However with customer testimonial videos, the customer usually feels much less pressure and more confident about just speaking off the top of their head. So our advice is to share some of the customer testimonial video questions with the client but not all of them.  Also, you should emphasize with the customer that you are sharing the customer testimonial questions just so they know what to expect. But also let them know you are just looking for authentic answers and they don’t need to prepare or rehearse anything.

Below is a customer testimonial video example from one of Rewatchable’s customers.

Rewatchable is a Customer Testimonial Video Production company located near Boston, Massachusetts.

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