Video for Business

In the evolving world of marketing, content drives leads, trust drives sales, and great communication drives lasting business relationships. Video is a powerful tool for delivering all three.

Rewatchable is a different kind of video production company. Sure, we use all the fanciest equipment – cinema cameras and lenses, high end sound gear, and flashy animated text and graphics – but we are singularly focused on your message.

Everything we do, from planning and preproduction, to our highly tailored production techniques, to our editing and revision process, is tailored around helping you deliver the right message, with the right tone, in the right way. It’s a concept noted author and speaker David Meerman Scott calls ‘Business Casual Video‘, and we’d love to put everything we’ve learned to work for your business.

Wanna see some of our videos?  Check these out…

Customer testimonial videos offer a powerful and effective means of establishing the quality and trustworthiness of your business.

Ready to launch the next big thing? Not without an appropriately amazing product video! Whether you’re promoting software, a physical product, or even a service, our experienced team of marketers can help you tell the world all about your offerings.

Corporate event video has a bad reputation earned through years of being too expensive and cumbersome.  Our event video offerings leverage the latest technologies in combination with proven, battle-tested techniques to ensure that you get top quality event video with minimal disruption.

The secret of the greatest webinars are that they happened weeks before their broadcast, and have been carefully edited for time and content. Our team can help you professionally record, edit, and prepare high quality webinars that will educate and inform your prospects and accellerate your sales cycle.

Every business has a story.  We’d love to help tell yours.

Our Brilliant Friend Sarah

Last year, we lost our client and friend Sarah Miller Caldicott.  When she passed away, we were producing a number of videos to promote her latest book, Midnight Lunch.  Sarah was a great-grand-niece of Thomas Edison, and through her research and writing on him, an...

Where to Get Video Transcripts

As corporate video creators, it’s not uncommon for us to produce a video as short as two minutes from upwards of 3-4 hours of interview material.  And while our interviews are usually focused on a clear and pre-defined story, it’s also not uncommon for our interview...

The Content Problem

You know that your business needs content to market effectively online. So you start a blog.  But guess what? Your leadership team, your thought leaders, your experts, are all too busy to blog regularly - getting a good 250 word post per week from a busy executive is...

Rewatchable Launches Evidence Inspection Video Production Services

We're pleased to introduce our latest service - Evidence Inspection Video Production Services.  We've been capturing evidence inspections for a number of local law firms over the past few years, refining our equipment, processes, and developing a set of best practices...

Use an inexpensive mic to step up your smartphone video production quality

Smartphones are everywhere, but the challenge most marketers and entrepreneurs quickly encounter when shooting video with their smartphone is that while the picture may look professional, the audio sounds, well, awful. Enter the Rode SmartLav+ (Amazon link), an...

Your best pitch, told by the right people, every single time.


Apple’s Final Cut Pro X is a powerful new tool which allows Rewatchable’s multi-disciplined editors to quickly produce premium corporate online video that delivers your company’s message with maximum clarity and impact.  We’re pleased to be among the first Boston-area production companies to have our editors certified on this exciting new tool.