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About Us


Our Story

 Rewatchable was founded during the infancy of online video, way back in 2009.  At the time, nothing quite worked right – the Internet was slow, resolutions were low, renders and uploads took hours, and viewers had to have just the right software plugins installed in the right browsers to see what we’d created…  The marketing landscape we were born into was daunting, to say the least.  

But in spite of those hurdles, the potential of online video for business was too great, and its inevitability as a winning medium for content too obvious for those of us paying attention to ignore.  And so we marched on, learning to produce better and more effective videos, carefully measuring and observing what worked and what didn’t work for clients.  Guiding new clients to successful campaigns and occasionally remarkable results using the lessons we’d learned.  And perhaps most importantly, building deep relationships with clients who trusted us to act not as vendors but as partners.

Over the years, our team has grown and shifted, but our core personality remains the same.  Like our otter mascot, we’re smart, friendly, and curious.  We’ve expanded our capabilities – adding live-streaming, aerial drone footage, 3D, motion graphics, and more – but these tools are applied to the same ends now that they were ten years ago – helping our amazing clients tell their stories using video. 


Our Team

Ryan Reed

Ryan Reed

President & CEO


Following a 15 year career as a developer, engineer, and project manager, Ryan’s passion for marketing and filmmaking drove him to cofound Rewatchable. A lifelong student, Ryan holds both Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration degrees from Salem State University and is constantly exploring new techniques, equipment, and ideas. When it’s time to let loose, you can usually find Ryan in a darkened theater, flying a drone, or coaching his daughters Callie and Leesie’s soccer teams.


Fun fact: Ryan worked for the Red Sox for eight years as a teenager on the Grounds Crew.




Peter Marullo

Peter Marullo

Content Director


Peter is proof positive that one of the most important attributes a storyteller can have is the ability to listen. His exceptional listening skills and near-photographic memory are frequently in evidence in his thoughtful, insightful scripts, edits, and interviews. Following a successful career at Apple, Peter was the first to join Rewatchable and has been wowing clients ever since. Peter holds his Bachelor of Science in Communications with a concentration in Film & Video from Florida Atlantic University, is also the lead singer of the incredible band Protagonist.

Fun fact: Peter has, quite possibly, the most complete Phantasm memorabilia collection in existence.


Tim Winslow

Tim Winslow

Content Producer


Tim is a gifted storyteller, pure and simple.  He’s a diligent researcher, but his scripts and edits feel effortless, and his timing impeccable. No surprise, really, since Tim also happens to be a world-class percussionist and cofounder of the unique drum-bass-and-keyboard (he’s the drums and keyboards – at the same time) band Job Creators.  Tim is one of the most empathetic, clever, caring individuals you’ll ever meet, and it shows in every piece of work he touches.  Tim studied Music at Salem State University and joined the crew at Rewatchable following a number of ‘fruitful’ years at Apple.

Fun fact: Tim comes from Plum Island, a beautiful, eroding barrier of sand that he  continues to claim is part of the continental United States.


Emily Cotellessa

Emily Cotellessa

Lead Motion Designer


Emily is an remarkably gifted motion designer with the unique ability to speak business.  Emily (and her cat Bruce) relocated to join Rewatchable following an extremely successful run at Hasbro and their subsidiary Backflip Studios, where she produced marketing and in-game assets for mobile apps, as well as My Little Pony webisodes.  Emily has the ability to turn even the driest, most technical material into entertaining motion graphics and animations, and has a knack for making difficult-to-understand concepts simple and easy with her visual dexterity and design flair.  Emily holds her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television from New York University.  

Fun fact: There’s a secret, hidden ‘Emily pony’ hidden in one of her My Little Pony shorts.

Brian D'Angelo

Brian D'Angelo

Motion Graphics Designer


The newest member of our team, Brian is one of the most incredible folks we’ve ever encountered at Rewatchable.  Joining us with absolutely zero motion graphics experience and a voracious appetite for learning, in less than a year, Brian has quickly become a tremendous asset to both Rewatchable and our clients.  Give him a brand guide, a script, and a story, and Brian can produce high quality, on-brand content at breakneck speed.  Brian studied at Salem State University, and joins us via the United States Navy, where he served as an Information Systems Technician, as well as Boston-area radio station WZLX.

Fun fact: Brian once hosted a radio show, ‘Radio D’Angelo’.

Leslie Reed

Leslie Reed

Business Operations Manager


Leslie makes sure the bills are paid, the invoices are sent, and everyone has what they need at Rewatchable.  In other words – the important stuff.  Her kind, positive, and can-do demeanor sets the tone for the rest of the team in client communications.  She also manages our human resources – no small task for a small company that aims for world-class treatment of its employees.  Leslie holds her Bachelor of Science in Management from Salem State University, and spent her early career working as a buyer for luminary Boston-area companies like Kabloom and Filene’s.  When she’s not keeping things sorted at Rewatchable, Leslie enjoys playing tennis and being the best mom on the planet to her daughters Callie and Elise.

Fun fact: In addition to her love for tennis, Leslie played collegiate volleyball at Salem State College. 

About Our Portraits

We commissioned the spectacular local artist Michelle McGaughey to paint our portraits for this ‘About Us’ page.  Michelle frequently exhibits around Beverly and the North Shore and we already had several of her pieces hanging around the office.  Be sure to check out the full-sized portraits below – it’s uncanny how her fun, cartoon style somehow manages to completely capture her subjects.

Rewatchable HQ

Our offices are located in Beverly, MA in the Cummings Center, a former shoe equipment manufacturing factory.  And while we’ll typically come to you to film most videos, we do have an in-house studio where we can record professional voice talent as well as talking head videos, a pair of collaborative setups (think of a more casual editing bay), and a full sized lightboard where you can produce your own amazing ‘demos of the future’. 


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