At Rewatchable, we’ve become known for creating great client testimonial videos for our customers. We help our customer’s build their businesses by helping them create effective client testimonials that help them sell more.

In fact, we get folks from all over the world coming to our website looking for keywords like Client Testimonial Sample, Client Testimonial Video, Client Testimonial Template, etc.  It makes sense that businesses want to see great client testimonial videos before the create their own client testimonials. That’s why we decided to write this post to share a client testimonial sample we KNOW is very effective.

Not only do we make and sell client testimonial videos but we also use them to promote our own Boston-based video production business. Anyone that has visited our website knows we have lots of video samples to help new visitors understand our video production capabilities. However, among all of our videos we have on our website the video our website visitors seem to be most interested in is the client testimonial video that 92.5 The River did for us a couple of years ago.

The purpose of a client testimonial video is to inform the viewer,  build credibility and ultimately close more deals.  We think the 92.5 The River video below is a great client testimonial sample because it effectively communicates our value proposition and builds credibility by showing a very happy client recommending our services.

Client Testimonial Video Sample 

We plan to make LOTS of client testimonial videos in 2013 so stay tuned to this blog to see more customer testimonial video samples.

Rewatchable is a Client Testimonial Video Production Company located near Boston, MA.