GoPro Mounting and Video Production Tips

Nice article by Erik Sacino over at packed with mounting and video production tips for the GoPro Hero line of cameras. ALWAYS tie a thin string to tether the camera to something secure. For example, if your camera is on the hood of a car, tie a string...
5 Editing Tips for Better Business Video

5 Editing Tips for Better Business Video

Editing corporate video is hard.  There’s seldom a script to work from, your subjects are probably nervous in front of the camera, and you don’t have much attention (~5 min per day) to work with from your target audience of viewers. Here are five of our...

The Perfect Length for a Marketing Video

What’s the perfect length for a marketing video? Is there a perfect length?  Perhaps surprisingly, the answer is yes.  The perfect length for a marketing video is the shortest amount of time it takes to deliver your message, within the bounds of attention that...

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