Where to Get Video Transcripts

Where to Get Video Transcripts

As corporate video creators, it’s not uncommon for us to produce a video as short as two minutes from upwards of 3-4 hours of interview material.  And while our interviews are usually focused on a clear and pre-defined story, it’s also not uncommon for our interview...

The Bravery and Payoff of Business Video

Putting yourself in front of a camera to shoot a business video takes a little bit of bravery. You’re representing your business, you’re probably worried about how you look, and you’re probably overthinking what you’re about to say. The first...

Video: Read Your Scripts… OUT LOUD!

You’ve written a great script, but no matter what you try, your on-camera talent sounds awkward and unconvincing. What’s up? Usually, you can trace this problem back to one issues – not reading your script out loud and smoothing it out for speech....

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