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Use an inexpensive mic to step up your smartphone video production quality

Smartphones are everywhere, but the challenge most marketers and entrepreneurs quickly encounter when shooting video with their smartphone is that while the picture may look professional, the audio sounds, well, awful. Enter the Rode SmartLav+ (Amazon link), an incredibly inexpensive lavalier microphone that clips onto your shirt, allowing you to pair that great smartphone picture […]

Nerd Tip: Fixing your OWC Aura external drive icon

The OWC Aura is a great upgrade for the 2013 Mac Pro, but one minor annoyance is that it appears as an external drive (complete with the yellow ‘External Drive’ icon) once it’s installed.  That just won’t do – so here’s how to fix it: Open Finder Choose Go > Go to Folder Paste in the following […]

We’re growing (thanks to you)!

For the first time in nearly six years, we’ve moved! We’re still located in Beverly’s massive Cummings Center, but in a larger space that will allow us to continue to grow our staff, host on-site editing sessions, and thanks to our new, corporate-video-focused studio (more on that soon), invite you to come to us if you’d […]

Outsourced Video Production Vs. In-house Video Production

Outsourced Video Production Vs. In-house Video Production sent out an article that caught our interest recently. “SXSW ’14: Should Companies Create Videos In-House or Outsource?” Below you will find their Pros & Cons from the article along with our comments/thoughts in red. Outsourcing Pros High-quality video production –  A professional video production company has […]

Explainer Video Trend Fading?

When Rewatchable first came on the Boston video production scene nearly 5 years ago, the concept of “explainer videos” did not really exist. Then something happened in 2012. All of a sudden, explainer videos were everywhere. Rewatchable is mostly focused on camera-based video production and corporate videos that feature real people. So, we found the […]