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We recently had the pleasure of creating a number of videos for the folks at Avalon Solutions Group, creators of the myOmny payment transaction system. myOmny combines an mPOS solution with a powerful software backend that helps merchants gain valuable business insights from their financial transactions.

It’s absolutely packed with features, so our challenge was to highlight as many of them as possible while still making the product feel accessible and approachable to small business owners with limited technical expertise. We accomplished this by putting myOmny into a real-world scenario – a single-shop florist – demonstrating how some of its crucial features might benefit this one particular small business owner.

Avalon plans on using this video in their web presence, at trade shows, and even in the field on mobile devices – allowing their sales staff to deliver a powerful, consistent on-demand explanation of myOmny to prospects.

Special thanks to Stacey Lee (a real florist, who played our florist), Jason Tremblay and Joe Cronin (our ‘customers’), and Meggin Hunt at The Singing Flower, the amazing florist in Wenham, MA where the piece was filmed.