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The iPhone seems like it should be a perfect tool for business video production. It’s small, affordable, ubiquitous, and captures a very high quality image. Unfortunately, like so many other great small cameras, the iPhone’s internal microphone isn’t quite good enough for professional sound.

Enter our favorite microphone manufacturer, RODE, with their iPhone-specific Smartlav lavalier.
The Smartlav brings professional-grade sound to the headphone jack of your iPhone, and although the Smartlav is intended as an audio-only proposition, outputting close-mic’ed audio to be synchronized with video in post, I’m much more excited by the prospect of using the Smartlav as a mic for self-shot video. Imagine how much more content your business could generate if your CEO could record professional-quality executive messaging videos using nothing more than an iPhone and a Smartlav. How about a quick tech brief from your CTO? Or, similarly, you could use an iPhone and Smartlav to produce product demos with high quality sound and video – so long webcam! Having access to real, quality audio should and would inspire forward thinking marketers to produce vastly more video content.

We can’t wait to get our hands on one, and will be sure to post some sample footage (and audio) once we do. Any other creative ideas for the Smartlav? Let us know in the comments!