HowTo: Remove Photos from Photo Stream (Apple iCloud)

Here’s a quick tutorial (not client work) we threw together on how to remove photos from Photo Stream in Apple’s new iCloud. In an industry where we’re often working with screen capture and screen grabs, hopefully this will prove useful to other...

Pro Tip: Deliver 720p

Most high end video cameras, DSLRs, and even cell phones shoot at 1080p.  You can edit 1080p video on a mid-range laptop.  YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and most video hosting sites will gladly serve up gorgeous 1080p streams.  Seems like if you want to serve up the highest...

Netflix Hits ‘Undo’ on Qwikster Nonsense

Wanna know how to make a third of your market cap disappear?  Follow up an egregious price increase by splitting a beloved, integrated service into two lesser, incomplete, separate services.  Then give one of those businesses an almost impossible to spell name and...

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