We spend a lot of time thinking about the ‘pillar video.’ The ‘if I could only show my best prospect one video, this would be the video’ one. What is it? A corporate profile video? An elevator pitch? An explainer video? Well, here’s my opinion:

The ideal pillar video is the best one you have available. Right now.

Seriously, don’t over-think it. If you’re a developer, your ideal pillar video is probably an explainer video. But what if you don’t have an explainer video? Should you hide that elevator pitch you produced to raise capital? No! Showing your passion, sharing your idea, putting yourself out there for people to see is incredibly valuable. Or if you’re a service business, your ideal pillar video is probably a corporate profile video. But what if your best video happens to be something quick you produced for YouTube explaining something only tangentially related to your business? Show it! Feature it! Think about it, would you rather do business with someone you’ve never met, heard of, and know nothing about, or someone who’s at least putting themselves out there trying to help?

The hardest part about making video is making video. Putting yourself, your creation, your passion, in front of a camera is hard. It requires courage. It requires time. It requires an emotional investment. So, if you have a video, you have a pillar video. Once you enjoy the benefits of having one video online, you can work on making your next one closer to perfect – and get closer to your ideal pillar video.

PS – Check out our website. At Rewatchable, we’ve been fortunate enough to be so busy over the past 3+ years that we haven’t even gotten around to making our own pillar video. For us, right now, our pillar videos are other people’s videos that we happen to have made. And you know what? That’s okay.