Many businesses that contact Rewatchable ask if we can create a viral video for them. “Viral” is a fairly relative term. Can we produce videos your customers, partners and employees will want to share on blogs, Facebook and other social media sites. Absolutely. Can  we promise we will produce a video that will garner millions of views from all over the world. Definitely not.

The best video production in the world does not guarantee a video will go viral. If your company is selling “database management middleware” it will probably be very difficult to create video content that is appealing to the masses. Of course, you shouldn’t really care about the masses you should care about potential customers. We can help produce video content that is appealing to your audience that is interested in database management middleware.  We might not get you millions of views but if we get you hundreds from the right people you will easily be able to justify the cost of the video production.

Truly viral videos are completely driven by great content.   A very successful viral corporate video was released just this February by Corning Glass.  In just over two months the video has gotten nearly  12 million views.  Instead of a boring corporate video about glass with great video production, Corning created a fascinating look into the future and showed off potential uses of their glass in inspiring ways.  The video is so good it clearly has inspired viewers to rewatch and share the video.  With 12 million views, Corning was able to get to the masses but more importantly  every glass buyer (ie: potential customer) in the world has likely seen the video by now.

You can view the video below.



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