Vimeo Wants To Host Your Video Production 

Vimeo is a wonderful video hosting company that has been around for several years. is the first choice for many video producers due to its reliability, easy-to-use interface and excellent video quality.  There’s always been something strange about Vimeo though… Until recently, they did not want to host your video production if you intended to embed your video on a commercial/business website.  They were not just concerned about websites trying to make money directly off views of the video.  Vimeo simply didn’t want to be used by any business websites.  Got a hair salon video production? No! Got a restaurant video production? Too bad! Want to embed a customer testimonial video? Forget about it!

Vimeo was only interested in working with individual users and video producers like Rewatchable.  All that changed this month, as Vimeo started offering Vimeo Pro accounts.  For the first time, Vimeo wants to host your video productions!  Of course, they are charging for the service but the rate is very reasonable.  The video hosting service costs only $199 per year and allows a business website up to 250,000 embedded video plays and 50 GB of video storage.



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