Here’s Rewatchable’s guide to the best of video production Beverly, MA has to offer! Beverly is a small city located about 30 minutes directly north of Boston. It features a downtown area, a secondary ‘small town’ downtown (in Beverly Farms), and a variety of outdoor shooting locations. If your business is interested in corporate video production, marketing video production, or really any video production in Beverly, MA, here’s our cheat sheet on the best shooting locations and support resources.

Best filming locations in Beverly, MA

Lynch Park

Lynch Park is a spectacular place to shoot, offering fields, a small outdoor amphitheater, east and south facing beaches, playgrounds, wooded areas, tree-lined suburbs, and beautiful gardens all within a five minute walk of your vehicle. If you need outdoor variety, quickly, Lynch Park is perhaps your best bet on the north shore.

Cabot Street / Rantoul Street

Cabot Street and Rantoul Streets are the two ‘main streets’ in Beverly. Cabot is lined with hip restaurants, classic New England churches, flowering trees and Cabot Cinema, a nicely-facaded movie house. Rantoul is a little more run-down, with some industrial locations mixed in. It can easily play an a 1980s or 1990s downtown.

Beverly Commons

Rocky, hilly wooded terrain with occasional peeks at the ocean. Lynn Woods in Lynn and Breakheart in Saugus are bigger, but also a lot more crowded. If you need a rural, woodsy location in greater Boston, this is one of the best.

Resources for filming in Beverly, MA

Sunrise / Sunset Tables
Tidal Charts
Beverly, MA Weather

As always, if you’re going to be disruptive with your video production endeavors, we suggest reaching out to the local municipality for permits / guidance.  Here’s  Beverly, MA’s official website.  Questions for your shoot, have something to add, or just want to join the conversation? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.