Looking for a video production studio to shoot your corporate video? Let us bring our portable video production studio right to your office.

Our primary focus at Rewatchable is to make sure we get great video content for our clients.  We want our customers to be as comfortable as possible in front of our video cameras.  Not to be to Oprah-ish, but we want our clients to tell their best stories as their best selves. That’s why we’ve gone to great length to build a portable  video production studio that can be set up in almost any office environment.  Our clients don’t need to leave their home turf and battle traffic as they get ready for their video shoot.  We show up, set up quickly and start shooting video.

What’s a portable video production studio?  OK, its kind of a made up term but the idea is that our clients are able to get the same professional look and sound historically only attainable in professional video production studios – right in their office!  It starts with our video cameras.  We’ve invested in Super 35 video cameras.  These cameras create stunning visuals even when lighting is challenging.  Next is audio.  We’ve  invested in super cardioid shotgun microphones and other high-end mics.  Our mics capture excellent audio and minimal room noise to give your video a professional video production studio sound.  Finally, our professional light kit and portable green screen can turn your office into a video studio when that’s the look you want.  But, often we don’t even use artificial lighting and just take advantage of the lighting in your office. We work with your environment to get the best looking and sounding video we can while also keeping you comfortable and sounding natural on camera.

Here’s an example of a video we produced recently without professional lights and without a greenscreen.

Would you like to schedule a video shoot at your office?  Give us a call at 978.666.4068.

Rewatchable is a Corporate Video Production Company based north of Boston, Massachusetts.