This article is a continuation of Video Production & SEO (PART ONE)

In Video Production & SEO Part One, we explained why a business struggling with getting found on the web needs to think about SEO. Specifically, we talked about  how VideoSEO is even more powerful than traditional SEO because there are far fewer videos (than web pages) available for any given search term so it is easier to compete.

So, why is the article called Video Production & SEO? Because, video production matters if you are going to try out VideoSEO.   Just like traditional SEO, content is king! Many have tried to game VideoSEO by just creating hundreds or thousands of low end YouTube videos based on a variety of search terms.  These videos typically are completely unwatchable and feature just text and no real valuable content.   Guess what happens?  Nobody shares these videos. No Tweets, no FaceBook ,just disappointment from the viewer that clicks in on the video.   Also, if the video does show up in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) of Google it probably won’t stay there for long.  Google keeps track of when users immediately return back to the SERP when they are unhappy with the content they viewed.  Google will penalize the content owner for having bad content when they see searchers are constantly clicking back to the SERP.  Guess what happens when you try to ‘game’ VideoSEO with a low end video?  The viewer sees the video is junk and immediately goes back to the SERP to look for real, valuable content.

So, this is a long way of saying video production quality really does matter if you are trying to be successful with VideoSEO.  No doubt, every video does not need to be a masterpiece.  But,  you want to make sure the video looks great, sounds great and has content that is informative or useful for the viewer.  A professional video production company like Rewatchable can shoot a great looking, sounding  video for almost any topic in less than 15 minutes.

So, of course, this post is self serving as Rewatchable is a professional video production company and we are always interested in seeing companies, products and services presented in the best light.  The truth is you can shoot a video with your iPhone and get some decent video quality.  But, you have to ask yourself —  do you spend much time watching corporate product & service videos shot on iPhones.  Probably not.  If you use a professional video production company your VideoSEO videos will be much more likely to be watched, ReWatched, shared etc.

Rewatchable is a Boston Video Production Company that can help with VideoSEO.