At Rewatchable, we are big fans of  REELSEO is an ‘online video marketer’s guide’ with some great articles related to online video production, video search engine optimization and video hosting services.  Recently, they published an article with the provocative title “Do Video Production Pros Need to Know Web Video Marketing?”

The article is very interesting and suggests there is a big difference between a videographer and a video production professional. We tend to agree.  We think there is a distinction between a video production professional and your standard run-of-the-mill videographer. A videographer is fine for a dance recital or graduation ceremony but great corporate videos are created by video production professionals not just any videographer.

At Rewatchable, we use the best video production technology available to us and we try to find the best angles/shots but what we bring to the table is much more than that.  We are completely consumed with making sure we get the content/story right for our clients.

We understand a good looking video is not worth much if it does not communicate our client’s message in a powerful way.  That’s why from the beginning to the end of the video production process we work with our clients to understand their messaging so we can tell their story in a clear, concise, persuasive and powerful way with video.

When a web visitor/prospect clicks on a video we have produced for a client, we want the viewer to be entertained and persuaded. We want that prospect to take a closer look at the company, product or service featured in the video.    We also help our clients after the video is produced with web marketing  by assisting them with video search engine optimization services.  One of our customers wanted their video to get found whenever someone searches for the term “siphon coffee shop” in Google.  Another customer, Smashfly wanted their video to get found when someone searches for the phrase “recruitment marketing software” in Google.  In each case, we were able to make sure each of  the marketing videos showed up in Google on the first page!

CLICK TO READ REEL SEO ARTCLE “Do Video Production Pros Need to Know Web Video Marketing?

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