So let’s say a business is looking for video production companies in the Boston area.  Many people might search for “Boston video production” and find a long list of video production companies. However, we find many Google users start with a more general search query like “video production.”  Of course,  “video production” will bring up a page filled with video production companies from throughout the United States.  Not very helpful if you are looking for a Boston based video production company.

However, with the advent of Google Instant Search users will see the search term change dynamically and they will see the search results page populate instantly with results that are meaningful to them.   For instance,  you can see from the screenshot below that when a Google user in the Boston area searches for “video production” they are automatically presented with the local search query of “video production Boston.”

Why does this all matter? Well, as you are optimizing your website and your videos for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you should be cognizant of the search terms Google is suggesting to users.  For Rewatchable, if Google is steering users towards the term “video production Boston” it doesn’t make much sense that we would only optimize our site for the term “video production Massachusetts” or even “Boston video production” as we might get missed by users relying on Google’s suggestion of “video production Boston.”

The screenshot below shows the new set of results that appears instantly when the user highlights the term “video production Boston”.   Expect to see Rewatchable there very soon…

Rewatchable is a video production company based in Beverly, MA.

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