Image of an angry customer from a Corporate VideoFrom the makers of the apparently awful and misery-inducing screen capture software Camtasia Studio 7 comes the absolute worst corporate video in the history of corporate videos. See what a jerk this guy is? He’s a paying customer using THE CURRENT VERSION OF OUR SOFTWARE!!! Don’t worry, we’re about to release some new software that will cure him of being a miserable, horrible loser. It’s not out yet. But it will be. And then, once he gives us more money, he won’t be such a loser. Until Camtasia Studio 9 comes out. Then all bets are off and they’ll probably both be a couple of screwhead jerks.

Hey, at least Techsmith disabled (forgot to enable?) embedding. Bright side.

All joking aside, this was probably conceived and executed by some well intentioned Techsmith employees with a ton of excitement and affinity for Camtasia Studio 8. They probably felt that the new and improved feature set was so amazing that you’d have to be crazy not to upgrade, and that this video would be a great way to illustrate how awesome life will be for screencast producers once Camtasia Studio 8 releases, even for Camtasia Studio 7 users. The problem is, customers are a precious commodity, cost money to acquire, cost money to keep, and generally like you only as well as they feel about the quality of and support for your product. They were kind enough to pay you money, and in order to preserve and grow that relationship, you must never disrespect or insult them. Customers who use older versions of your product ‘appreciate a classic’. They ‘have a great tool that works just right for them’. Maybe they’re ‘using a subset of features and wouldn’t benefit from the new features’. Regardless, they are still your customers, and insulting them will cost you the precious opportunity to speak with them on friendly terms again in the future.

Don’t make the mistake Techsmith made with this video. All of your customers are winners, and should always be portrayed as such in any corporate video. You can be funny, you can play with them, but if you’re not 100% sure on the tone and messaging, err on the side of caution. And Techsmith? We still love Camtasia, even if you called us losers who have to stay late at the office to get our work done.