Video Based Landing Pages

Serious marketers are always looking for ways to increase web conversions. Probably the best way to juice up conversions is by creating great landing pages with compelling calls-to-action.   At Rewatchable, we are always looking for innovative ways businesses are using video marketing. That’s why we are super interested in a new offering from Concord, MA based KnowledgeVision.  The new service is called Talking Landing Pages. KnowledgeVision Introduces the Talking Landing Page for B2B Marketing and Lead Generation  The name of the service really speaks for itself.  KnowledgeVision is helping marketers enhance static landing pages by adding dynamic video presentations.

“Business-to-business marketers are constantly looking for high-performing ways to convert web visitors into leads. Until now, they’ve done this through good copywriting and illustration on ‘landing pages’ – that is, static pages designed to capture vital contact information from visitors to a website. With KnowledgeVision’s Talking Landing Page, web visitors are greeted with a multimedia experience that delivers the marketer’s message with much higher impact. This leads to higher conversion rates and a more memorable experience. The Talking Landing Page is a distinct competitive advantage for innovative marketers.”

Michael Kolowich  CEO and founder of KnowledgeVision.

At Rewatchable, we are big, big believers in web marketing video so we love the idea. KnowledgeVision offers services that helps businesses create presentation videos from camera-based video along with PowerPoint decks.   We predict businesses will soon start to see an increase in conversions when the are using web video on landing pages.   We also predict the question will soon not be “why use video on landing pages?” but “why would we not use video on landing pages?”

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