You know that your business needs content to market effectively online. So you start a blog.  But guess what? Your leadership team, your thought leaders, your experts, are all too busy to blog regularly – getting a good 250 word post per week from a busy executive is only slightly easier than pulling teeth.  A lot of companies try to circumvent the problem, and pawn blogging duties off onto marketing. Sure, a marketing staffer gets your brand and positioning, but do they really understand the nuances of your business and your industry well enough to create ‘move the needle’ grade content? Should a marketing staffer be the outward facing voice of your business? What about Twitter and Facebook?  Social media posts are short enough for anyone to handle, but can be too short to deliver content of any real value.

So how do you address this problem as a marketer?  How do you get your thought leaders in front of your prospects and customers online if you can’t get them to create content?  Here’s a hint; Think about those same folks when they’re in a typical meeting, having a conversation about something they care and know deeply about – you can’t shut ’em up!  All of a sudden that same VP you couldn’t get to write a three paragraph blog post is rattling off a two minute, incredibly insightful industry analysis to her peers.

Now imagine you pointed a camera at she and the rest of your leadership team while you had these conversations. All of a sudden you don’t have a content problem, you have a content library.  A brief conversation can easily generate 10-15 pieces of incredibly compelling content.

This is where we see online business video moving in 2017 and beyond.  Unscripted, short videos that put your best people back in front of your brand. Even the busiest executives can spare 30-45 minutes 3 times a year, and with the right amount of research, the right set of questions, and the right level of curiosity, that’s all it takes to create the quantity and quality of content that can transform your online marketing.