First off, we want to make it very clear that we DID NOT produce the recruiting video below. In fact, we don’t even have a business relationship with Waltham, MA based NWN.

So, why are we showing the video on our website?  Because, we think as the economy heats up recruiting videos are going to be very popular. We also think spending money on a recruiting video will be money well spent.  Here are some reason’s why…

1) The employee gets an opportunity to check out the company and see employees.

2)  Prospects will see the company is in growth mode.

3) Current employees get an opportunity to speak publicly about why they like working for the company.  Good for morale!

4)  Videos are sharable. People are more likely to tell others a company is hiring if there is a video they can post on Facebook, LinkedIN, etc.

5)  It will force some employees to finally clean up their messy desks. 😉

 NWN Recruiting Video 

Video features COO – Skip Tappen, Managing Director  -Dr. Jane Linder, VP of Workforce Agility – Tom Steagall, & CEO – Mont Phelps

Here’s more info about careers at NWN

Here’s an example of a recruiting video Rewatchable  made recently for Interactions.

Rewatchable is a Boston area video production company.