sends out frequent emails with all kinds of interesting tips and info related to business video production.  Yesterday’s email asked an intriguing question. Do Your Business Videos Suck?  The question is a good one. Business video production has come a long way in just a couple of years and the standards for business videos just keep getting higher.  It used to be novel to have an impromptu, low quality video that could be shared on social media and on your website.  Black and white TV was novel once too but times change.

These days a viewer expects a high quality video with great sound and the same high-end polish they see every day on Fortune 500 websites.  However, beyond a great looking and sounding video the content needs to be well thought out and valuable to the viewer.  If the viewer watches your business video and sees that it is not thought out and just impromptu rambling they are likely to think much less of your business.  The reverse is true also. A carefully planned well executed video shows your business is serious and thoughtful.  Would you write a white paper in 30 minutes and keep it on your business website for three years?

The “Do Your Business Videos Suck?” article points out some potential issues with business videos you might want to consider.

  • It doesn’t speak to the target audience.
  • There is no clear business goal behind it.
  • It doesn’t engage the audience.
  • It doesn’t come off as genuine
  • The sound quality is terrible.
  • It’s only talking heads with no camera angle variety.
  • The video player is ugly.
  • The speakers have thick accents
  • The speakers are obviously reading from a teleprompter
  • The music is inappropriate.
  • It uses unattractive virtual sets or poor green screen effects.
  • The content isn’t unique.
  • It goes on too long.
  • The creators tried too hard to go viral.
Do your videos have some of these issues? If so, we are here to help.  Rewatchable specializes in making business videos worthy of great businesses and great websites.  Give us a call today @ 978.666.4068 to talk about how we can help you with your business video.

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