iOS & Android App Video Production

Has your business developed a great app for the iPhone, iPad or an Android device?  Like most things,  the best way to show off your app is with video!  Rewatchable can produce  a professional, fast moving video that shows off your iOS app or Android app in action.

Why do you need an app video?   Of course, your app video is a must for your website but also app videos can help create a buzz in social media.  If you want happy users to talk about your app on Facebook, Twitter etc.  you better have a video they can share.  Also, an app video is a great way to provide a tutorial for your customers so they understand the app’s capabilities and benefits.  Your developers worked hard to create your app.  You were able to get customers to actually download the app.  Now, you better make sure customers understand how to use the app and actually want to use it.  The sad fact is most apps that get downloaded are never used more than once or twice.  A video app can help users see the benefits of your app so they actually want to use your app!

Here’s an example of a app video produced by Rewatchable.  Need an iOS app video or Android app video? Give us a call at 978.666.4068.

Rewatchable Boston Area Video Production