If your business is serious about converting prospects into customers,  you are probably considering adding customer testimonial videos to your website, social media and email marketing campaigns.  Customer testimonial videos can sometimes be under-produced and end up making both the customer and the seller look bad.  At Rewatchable,  we are always on the look out for examples of companies being smart about how they are using video online.   It can be boring to just talk about our own videos so sometimes we like to profile videos we did not produce.

I recently came across a b2b marketing automation company out of California called Marketo.  Marketo helps their clients “Measure Marketing ROI and Forecast Marketing’s Impact on Revenue.”  Their entire focus is marketing to businesses so it  was interesting to see their customer testimonial video page.  It was interesting to see how they are spending their marketing dollars. They don’t just have 1 customer testimonial video.  They don’t  have 3, 5 or 10 customer testimonial videos.  Marketo has a page with 20 customer testimonial videos!  Each video is highly produced and very watchable.  Most of the videos feature marketing managers, marketing directors and marketing vice presidents speaking about their experiences with Marketo.

If you were a prospect researching marketing automation companies and you found one with 20 marketing professionals willing to endorse a product on video would you be impressed?  I would.

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