Brainshark is a great Massachusetts company that is focused on helping businesses communicate with customers, prospects, employees and really anyone else via online presentations.

They have created a powerful Brainshark video about the power of video in the enterprise.  The video doesn’t specifically promote Brainshark but instead features a variety of marketing and sales professional speaking about video in the enterprise and beyond.

First, we think it is brilliant that the video isn’t just a sales pitch for Brainshark. There’s a place for that sort of marketing video and of course Brainshark has that type of marketing video where the viewer can learn directly about their service.  You can check out one here – Brainshark Overview 

We also completely agree with the participants about the power of video for any business.  A couple of lines we like most include:

” If you are not communicating with your external clients or prospects with video you are missing out.”

“Video is easier to do today. It costs less today. You don’t have to overproduce.”

You can check out the Brainshark video below.

The Power of Video in The Enterprise:  Insights From The Frontline 

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