Employee Testimonial Video Production 

For a long time, Rewatchable has talked about customer testimonial videos. We think customer testimonial videos are a super effective way for almost any business to build trust and sell more.  Sometimes though,  businesses don’t have trouble selling their wares but instead have trouble staffing to meet the demand.

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That’s right, the dark days of 2008/2009 are long over and many companies are actually having trouble recruiting qualified employees.  We are finding more and more companies are turning to Rewatchable to create employee testimonial videos.  What is an employee testimonial video?  Essentially, an employee testimonial video is a recruiting video used by HR departments to show off the best aspects of the company and culture to prospective employees. Typically, an employee testimonial video is a montage which shares the perspective of many employees or a video that focuses on on a single employee.

Smart HR departments know that even if their company isn’t growing particularly fast they need to hire the best talent.  An employee testimonial video or recruiting video is really a sales tool that helps sell the company to prospective employees so the business can choose amongst the best and brightest applicants available.

Is your business growing?  Would you like to talk through some ideas for employee testimonial videos?  Give us a call at 978.666.4068 or send us a message with this form. We’d love to help you with your employee video production!

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