EMC VNX5300 Product Video – Sometimes you should just keep your video production simple. 

Video can be hard.  Yup, sometimes creating a good video can be a long, complicated process.  But, the process doesn’t always need to be that difficult.  Sometimes, your audience just wants to benefit from your expertise and wants to get some specific information quickly.  Sometimes, it just makes sense to keep the video production process simple and to produce lots of videos so you will be  found by prospective customers that can benefit from your expertise.

One of our clients, Rockland IT Solutions is in the business of refurbishing and selling high performance unified storage systems.  One of the high-performance unified storage systems they sell is  the EMC VNX5300. In addition to producing an in-depth company video for Rockland IT Solutions we also produced this short video that is a helpful resource for any businesses looking for information about new or refurbished EMC VNX5300s.   The video only took about 10 minutes to shoot and the editing process was fairly straightforward.  The process was simple and now Rockland IT Solutions has another video asset that should help them get  found for the term EMCVNX5300s and sell more used EMC VNX 5300s!

EMC VNX5300 Video 

You can learn more about the EMC VNX5300 in a white paper from EMC.  EMC VNX5300 Unified Storage 20,000 Users With 1.5GB MailBoxes.

Rewatchable is a video production company based near Boston, MA.  Need a video call us at 978.666.4068.  Need a refurbished EMC VNX 5300? Call Rockland IT Solutions at (781) 826.9080