At Rewatchable, we are thinking of 2013 as the year of the customer testimonial video.  We love doing all kinds of videos but customer testimonial videos might be our favorite video productions.  We consider ourselves Boston’s premier video marketing production company and we like to think we don’t just make videos.  Every video we produce is intended to help businesses grow and sell more.

We can’t think of a Massachusetts business that wouldn’t benefit from adding customer testimonial videos to their website.  However, some businesses shy away from creating customer testimonial videos because they don’t want to “bother” their clients.  The reality is customer videos don’t just benefit your business they can also benefit the customer.

Customer Testimonial Videos – Benefits For The Customer

Extra Marketing For Your Customer’s Business 

Almost every business wants to be introduced to more people.  Testimonial videos not only show off your business but also give a “free plug” to your customer’s business.  A viewer might be caused to check out the customer’s business for the first time or be reminded that they need a product or service from the customer.

Raises The Profile Of The Person In The Video 

Often times, customer videos feature someone with expertise not only related to the business they are giving the testimonial for but also expertise with the type of service or industry. For instance,  a marketing director is likely to be the person who will give a testimonial for a web marketing analytics company.  The marketing director now essentially becomes an authority on the subject of web marketing analytics at their own company and in their industry.

Higher Level of Customer Service & Negotiating Power

A customer that agrees to say glowing things about your company on you website essentially becomes one of the faces of your business.   The customer can and should expect a higher level of customer service.  Most customer service departments have a list of “Top 20” customers that should get special attention for a variety of reasons.  A great way to make it onto that list is to do a customer testimonial video.  Also, when a contract is up for renewal a business is likely to offer more for less for the customer that is being actively profiled on their website.

Example of Customer Testimonial Video Done for Rewatchable

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