Customer Testimonial Video – Special Pricing $1,200

Your best salesperson might well be your customer.  Customers are allowed to rave about your business in ways that your salespeople just cannot.  Even if your salesperson is raving about your products, services and company, they just are not as believable as a real client because they are paid employees.  Customers on the other hand can speak from the heart about real-life customer experiences while praising your business.

Ask yourself this question. Do you think propsective employees would be more likely to do business with your organization if they heard from happy customers?   The answer is OF COURSE.  Prospects are usually nervous about doing business with new vendors and need to get the “warm and fuzzies” before they get too involved in the sales process. Customer testimonial videos are a very powerful way to establish credibility and to reassure prospective clients.

We want to help Boston area businesses sell more in 2012 so we are offering special pricing on our customer testimonial videos.  We will visit either your office or your client’s office and capture video of your customer raving about your company, your service or product.

The process is very simple.  We will first research your company and develop questions appropriate for your business and industry.  During a 30 minute shoot,  we will simply ask your customer open-ended questions and let your customer speak for themselves.  We will also help them relax so they come off well on camera.  Next, we will edit the best answers that show off your customer and your business in the best possible light.  Finally, we will color-correct the video, add b-roll & text graphics and generally polish the video so it looks great for your website,  social media and email marketing campaigns.  The entire video production process can be completed in a couple of weeks.

Any customer testimonial purchased before the end of December, 2011 is now specially priced at only $1,200.  The customer testimonial shoot must be scheduled before January 31st, 2012. The video production needs to take place in the Greater Boston area. To receive the special pricing just mention the “Sell More in 2012 Special”


Wistia Customer Testimonial Video  

Rewatchable – Customer Testimonial