Customer Testimonial Video Production – Summer Special Pricing!

At Rewatchable, we produce all kinds of corporate videos.  Probably, our favorite videos we produce are customer testimonial videos.  Ultimately, the whole reason we exist as a video production company is we want to help our clients sell more and build their business.  Customer testimonials are fairly inexpensive and easier to produce than some other corporate videos but they are incredibly powerful.

Prospects want to learn about your products and services and they want to hear from  real, live paying customers.  They know your employees are paid to say nice things so they often want to hear from someone less biased.  Customer testimonials are a great way to introduce your company and services on your website as you build credibility.

Customer testimonials are also powerful off of your website.  Often times, a prospect checking out your company might “Google” your company name to see what is being said about your company on the web.  Adding your customer testimonial video to YouTube is a great way to add positive content to the web that your customers can stumble upon as they do their due diligence about your organization.

From now until September 15, 2012, if you book a customer testimonial video shoot in the Boston area we will reduce the price to only $1,500.  We’ll help you develop questions designed to get positive, thoughtful answers from your customers. During the shoot, we will work with your customer to keep them at ease and sounding natural.  Finally, we will produce a high-quality professional 1-3 minute video that is an upgrade for your website.   To qualify for the “Summer Special” pricing, the customer testimonial shoot will need to happen within 60 days and you will need to mention the “Customer Testimonial Summer Special.”

As a video production company, we have lots of videos on our site.  However, We get more views for our customer testimonial videos than any other video.  Why?  Because prospects thinking about using our video production services want to know what our customers have to say about us before they decide to pick up the phone or start a project with us.

Here are a couple of customer testimonial video examples.

92.5 The River Customer Testimonial for Rewatchable  


 Stonehill College Customer Testimonial for Rewatchable

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