NYC Building

Here’s a good idea.  We just shot some customer testimonial videos in NYC and this shoot was a bit different from some other customer testimonials we have produced.  Most times either Rewatchable staff or our customer will play the part of  the interviewer.  The person asking the questions is usually off camera and the final video just includes an edit of the best answers.

The customer testimonial video we shot in NYC was different because our client brought in a third party analyst and he asked the questions on camera.  There are two benefits to this kind of shoot.  One is the people being interviewed don’t have they same need to deliver a perfect answer and instead they just answer in a natural way like you would expect in any conversation.  The second benefit is the final customer testimonial video will have a very authentic feel to it as it won’t be highly edited and it will be more of just showing the back and forth between the interviewer and the customer.

However, the customer testimonial interview format might not be the right idea for many companies for two reasons.  First, many companies just wouldn’t have access to a 3rd party who would be a credible interviewer.  The second reason is that this type of customer testimonial video is necessarily longer because the interviewer questions are extending the duration of the final video.  Instead of a 2-3 minute customer testimonial video, you are more likely to get at least a 5-6 minute customer testimonial video.

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