At Rewatchable, we are always happy to see other video marketing companies doing well.  We are sure the market for video services is growing dramatically as more and more companies decide video is a critical part of their video strategy.  It is nice to see other early stage Video 2.0 companies finding new markets.  A  local video editing service company doing very well is Pixability.  Pixabilty is a company that has been helping businesses by editing video sent to the company on Flip cameras since 2009.  The service removes the need for a professional videographer and allows businesses to easily and affordably add video to their website.  The video marketing company has received funding throughout their history and just got another $1 million.  (see story below for details)

Pixability is located in Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA.  According to the Boston Globe story linked below about 15% of Pixability’s customers are located in the Massachusetts area.

Pixability pulls in $1 million, to help small businesses add video to their marketing toolkit

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