Here’s an interesting video with predictions about Apple’s plans to manufacture an Apple TV set.  The video features Brightcove’s Jeremy Allaire being interviewed by Will Richmond of VideoNuze.

Lots of interesting discussion, but one of the most interesting takeaways is the suggestion that the current incarnation of the Apple TV won’t be going anywhere.  Allaire points out that the lifecycle of a TV set is far longer than a device like an iOS device and Apple won’t want to wait another 6-10 years to get into many living rooms.  He also points out that the current Apple TV “puck” is likely to get a big brother with faster processors and storage space to better handle gaming apps and other apps not even conceived of yet.

Apple has not made any official announcements about an Apple iTV set but the Huffington Post recently put out a report that 60″ Apple iTV sets are around the corner. 60-inch Apple iTV To Launch This Year: Report  They even suggest iViewers will soon be using iRings to control their Apple iTV sets!

Apple TV Set Predictions Video 

Rewatchable is a Boston, MA area video production company.  Brightcove is a Boston based video hosting company.