App Video – LifeLine Response Security App for iPhone

Rewatchable creates app videos for all kinds of apps.  Some are fun game app videos like this one for Fieldrunners2. Our clients ask us to make app videos for them because they have worked hard on developing their app and want potential users to get a sneak preview before they download their apps. Smart app developers understand app videos can be their best sales tool as app videos are often shared by their most loyal fans on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Recently, we teamed up with LifeLine Response to create an app video related to the very serious subject of personal security.  The LifeLine Response App is described by its developer as “The first and only personal safety mobile app to utilize natural human reaction to respond to emergency situations by immediately alerting authorities if the user is in need of help.”   The app is an incredible tool for anyone who finds themselves walking in an area  where they are feeling vulnerable.   The app is very sophisticated but also simple to use. The basic idea is if the user feels nervous they just activate the app and place their thumb on their phone.  If something happens that causes the user to release the phone a countdown starts and soon a loud alarm goes off on the phone and vital contact info including gps location is transmitted to a response verification center.

The app is actually far more sophisticated than described above.  The app is so thoughtful and well considered it is difficult to write about all the features.  That’s why the developer came to us to create an app video that communicates the features and benefits of the app in a way text never could.  You can see the app video below and find more information about the app at  You will notice the app video RewatchableApps produced is prominently featured to market the app to anyone visiting the website and to educate active users.  You can download the LifeLine Response app for the iPhone here.

LifeLine Response App Video  


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