This series of three Ingrid Michaelson music videos were filmed at The River’s amazing ‘Art Deco’-style studio in Haverhill, MA. It was an intimate afternoon performance with 20-30 lucky listeners present, and our goal was to create a ‘fly on the wall’ experience for the viewer without intruding on the experience for Ingrid or the audience in attendance, a feat we accomplished by using a pair of discreet DSLRs on compact tripods and extremely fast lenses. For the Nightswimming video, we took a bit of creative license in post-production and tried to emulate with video the looping effect Ingrid used to create her brilliant performance.

“Nightswimming (REM Cover)” – Ingrid Michaelson

“Blood Brothers” – Ingrid Michaelson

“Ghost” – Ingrid Michaelson