Boston Video Editing Service

They want to know – “Does Rewatchable offer a video editing service?” Yes, we offer a video editing service on a project by project basis.

Friendly Music Will Improve Online Videos

There’s some late breaking news from video sharing site YouTube and music licensing company RumbleFish this afternoon.  The two companies will be partnering with one another to make it easier for YouTube users to find decent music and sound tracks for their...

Video Editing Service Released By YouTube

First off, the new video editing service released by YouTube will NOT replace Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Adobe Premiere or any other video editing software based solution.  With that said, YouTube has once again taken online video to a whole new level with their new...

Why you should NEVER upload video directly to Facebook

It’s a given (or at least should be) that any corporate video that your organization produces, appears in, or might be interesting to your company should be featured on your Facebook fan page.  What might seem less obvious is that you should almost never use...

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