Got a 12 minute video?  In the past, you would need to break up that video into two clips if you wanted to successfully upload it to the YouTube video sharing service.  For the last few years, YouTube has capped videos at a 10 minute limit to help police against videos that were infringing on copyrights.  However,  YouTube announced today they have extended the video time limit from 10 minutes to 15 minutes.  YouTube credits their state of the art Content ID video matching system with allowing them to increase the video size limit to 15 minutes.  You can read more about the video upload increase directly from YouTube on their blog – Upload limit increases to 15 minutes for all users

Got a 20 minute video?  Want to upload it to YouTube?  One option is you can break the video apart into chunks and add YouTube annotations to connect the videos.  If you are looking for help with YouTube Annotations, please check out our recent post  YouTube Annotations – Instructions & Help.  The other option is you can create a YouTube Video Playlist and allow the videos to auto-play one after another.

Businesses that need to share videos online without regard to video time limits will need to explore the plethora of fee based video sharing sites.  For a growing list of video sharing sites, please check out our post Video Sharing Sites – List Of Video Hosting Sites

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