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Video Production & SEO (Part One)

At Rewatchable, we’ve helped customers with both video production and SEO for many years.  For those unfamiliar, SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization which is essentially the practice of optimizing a webpage to increase the likelihood the web page  shows on the first page of Google and other search engines.  Of course, most companies […]

The Burner Booster – Product Video Production

If you live near Boston, Massachusetts, it is that time of year that you start thinking about winter and the cost of heating your home and/or business.   At Rewatchable, we love learning about our clients and their products.  One of the most interesting product videos we have produced is for a Boston area company […]

fun. Some Nights

Fun.  Some Nights Video A couple weeks ago,  Rewatchable had the pleasure of filming the band fun. at Boston’s independent radio station 92.5.  We filmed the songs We Are Young, Carry On, and Some Nights.  The band fun. won a Grammy award last night for  best new artist and another Grammy award for song of the year […]

Business Video Becomes Less YouTubey

Many businesses are skittish about having a YouTube branded player on their website for their corporate videos.  The branded player shouts out two things to prospective customers. 1) We host our videos for free! 2) We host our videos right alongside skateboarding dogs and hilarious weddings! The reality is YouTube is an incredibly stable and […]

YouTube Acquires Video Producer Next New Networks

YouTube has long said they will stay out of the video production business but that changed this week as they acquired video production company Next New Networks.  Next New Networks  will become part of YouTube Next.  According to the company, YouTube next is a “team that will focus on supercharging content creator development on YouTube, driving […]

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