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Outsourced Video Production Vs. In-house Video Production

Outsourced Video Production Vs. In-house Video Production sent out an article that caught our interest recently. “SXSW ’14: Should Companies Create Videos In-House or Outsource?” Below you will find their Pros & Cons from the article along with our comments/thoughts in red. Outsourcing Pros High-quality video production –  A professional video production company has […]

Explainer Video Trend Fading?

When Rewatchable first came on the Boston video production scene nearly 5 years ago, the concept of “explainer videos” did not really exist. Then something happened in 2012. All of a sudden, explainer videos were everywhere. Rewatchable is mostly focused on camera-based video production and corporate videos that feature real people. So, we found the […]

Video Production & SEO (Part Two)

This article is a continuation of Video Production & SEO (PART ONE) In Video Production & SEO Part One, we explained why a business struggling with getting found on the web needs to think about SEO. Specifically, we talked about  how VideoSEO is even more powerful than traditional SEO because there are far fewer videos (than web […]

Video Production & SEO (Part One)

At Rewatchable, we’ve helped customers with both video production and SEO for many years.  For those unfamiliar, SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization which is essentially the practice of optimizing a webpage to increase the likelihood the web page  shows on the first page of Google and other search engines.  Of course, most companies […]

Video Production Don’ts

At Rewatchable,  we have seen many video production companies  in the Boston area come and go in the last 4 years since we first started our video production business.  Along the way we have learned many things to create the best video productions.  We won’t share all of the ways to make your video production […]

Boston Video Production – Fort Point Blog Video Special

For many years, it seemed like downtown Boston was shrinking instead of growing when it came to being the home to great companies.  Too often it seemed like really good companies were moving out of Massachusetts or moving to boring office parks in places like Burlington, Lexington, or Woburn.  Most cool start-ups seemed to choose […]

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