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Web Video Promotes Spotify

Web Video Promotes Spotify The internet is abuzz about a new, alleged iTunes killer called Spotify.  Spotify has been rumored to come to the US for many years and now you can get a free Spotify acount if you are lucky enough to get an invite to the service.  The service boasts more than 15 […]

Online Video Production School

Vimeo is one of the video hosting services Rewatchable uses to host our videos.   Vimeo is a remarkable company because they don’t seem terribly interested in making money but they have a great service.  Instead, of targeting business customers with deep pockets they target home users and video producers.  Their basic video hosting service is […]

Video Sharing Site YouTube Increases Video Size Limitation

Got a 12 minute video?  In the past, you would need to break up that video into two clips if you wanted to successfully upload it to the YouTube video sharing service.  For the last few years, YouTube has capped videos at a 10 minute limit to help police against videos that were infringing on […]

Video Sharing Service From Cisco

Some videos are not intended to be viewed  by wide audiences and instead need to be hosted privately.  Many video sharing services allow for private viewing but we thought some of our viewers might be interested in a “social video system” now being offered to enterprise customers from Cisco.  The Cisco Show and Share service […]

Video Editing Service Released By YouTube

First off, the new video editing service released by YouTube will NOT replace Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Adobe Premiere or any other video editing software based solution.  With that said, YouTube has once again taken online video to a whole new level with their new YouTube Video Editor.  

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