Green Screen Video Production Studio – New Hampshire

Some times visitors to our website are looking to simply rent a video production studio equipped with cameras and green screens.   That’s not really our thing.  We like to work with our customers on planning, production and post-production for their videos.  We like to help our customers make great videos by helping them craft their message to help their businesses grow.

Of course, there are times when all you really need is a nice studio.   According to a press release today, a Portsmouth, NH video production company called Publica has opened a green-screen studio comprising of 625 feet of active filming space.  Along with green screens the video production studio will offer dimmable LED panels, natural lighting, blackout windows and rentals of Sony and Red One cameras and lenses.  The press release claims the studio is the “largest and most up to date green-screen video and photography facility between Boston, MA and Portland, Maine.”  The studio is located on Brewery Street in Portsmouth, NH and you can learn more about them at their website –

We can’t vouch for  the company or the studio but if you are just looking for a greenscreen studio rental North of Boston you might want to check them out.   We will likely check them out ourselves if our NH clients end up needing a local video production studio. Of course, Rewatchable also have portable green screens that can be used on location for most video shoots.

Rewatchable is a video production company based in Beverly, MA about 25 minutes north of Boston, Massachusetts.