We are always on the hunt for innovative ways businesses are using corporate video.  Of course, public relations firms are skilled at promotion so we are particularly interested in how PR firms are using video.

PAN Communications is a PR firm out of Andover, MA and they did something really smart to promote their upcoming move to downtown Boston, MA.  They created a simple, fun video with very quick clips from employees talking about why they are excited about their move to Boston.   The video moves along quickly and introduces the viewer to employees who seem genuinely excited about going to Boston.

We are guessing the video was produced internally rather than by an outsourced video production company.   Doesn’t matter – it is still great.  Some web videos don’t require video production companies and can be produced pretty quickly and easily by simply using a Flip cam and video editing software like iMovie.    One of the smart moves PAN made was to keep this video simple.  The employees did not need to remember complicated lines or think of answers off the top of their head.  They simply needed to state why they are excited to go to Boston in a couple of words.  The benefit of that approach is none of the employees seemed nervous and no single employee went on and on with a long answer.   Because they kept the content so simple, the video editing was probably pretty easy.

Their new address will be 255 State Street Boston, MA.


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