What’s the perfect length for a marketing video?

Is there a perfect length?  Perhaps surprisingly, the answer is yes.  The perfect length for a marketing video is the shortest amount of time it takes to deliver your message, within the bounds of attention that you’ve earned from your customer or prospect.

The easy mistake is to let your content – not your audience’s attention span – drive the length of your marketing video productions.  Unfortunately, if you’ve got two to three minutes of great content, and a less-invested audience who might only be willing to give your video 60 to 90 seconds, you’re going to need to trim it down, because unwatched video serves no purpose.  Do you have longer videos that aren’t getting good engagement?  Try chopping the content down into shorter, more easily digested videos that have a better shot at falling within your audience’s attention span.

What lengths of video have you tried and had success with?  Struggled with?  Let us know in the comments section!