Event Livestreaming

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Whether it’s a corporate town hall, training session, meeting with remote attendees, or presentation, our team of event specialists can deliver your event LIVE to a variety of platforms.

Broadcast Live, Globally

Livestreaming events offers a powerful way to let remote viewers experience your events as they happen, no matter where they are.  And in a world of ever-shifting global Internet policy, our specialists know how to get your broadcast into any country, any time.

Exceptional Quality

Our event camera packages are built out with quality in mind.  All of our cameras support up to 4K ultra high definition quality, and are chosen to be able to operate in a wide range of lighting conditions.  For special events, we can even stream with Hollywood-grade cinema cameras.


Experienced Operators

Our team have recorded and streamed over 100 live events.  This means we’ve seen – and know how to deal with  – many of the challenges encountered in a live event environment, and are prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure a silky smooth presentation to your viewers.

Built-in Failsafe

Let’s face it – sometimes things go wrong with venue networks.  When they do, our Livestreams are all backed up by secondary LTE connections.  We’re always ready to keep your viewers enjoying the show.

Scale to Budget

Unlike many of our competitors, we offer a number of solutions across a wide variety of budgets.  We’ve accommodated everything from a single camera, bare bones stream, to an eight camera, switched, password secured presentation.  We can (and love to) handle both with the same level of professionalism and care.

Any Platform

Our team can livestream your event to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Vimeo Live, or any number of other providers.  We’ll help you pick the right platform or platforms based on your budget, deliverability goals, and privacy needs.




Multi-Day Events

If your event calls for us to stream over multiple continuous days, your project will enjoy a 10% discount.

Note: Please book as far as possible in advance for multi-day events, particularly outside of the greater Boston area.

Cinema Cameras

Our event camcorders are spectacular, but sometimes for a special occasion, you want to bring out the big guns and get that cinematic look.  Upgrade one or more cameras to a cinema camera for the premium film look.

Cost: $300/day/camera


If your event or facility isn’t providing sound, no problem!  Rewatchable can provide wireless microphones for any room and any number of speakers.  We have a number of lapel mics (lavalier), stick mics, handheld mics, and boundary mics available. Includes an additional operator.

$550 per half day (up to four mics)
$750 per full day (up to four mics)


Public Address System (Speakers)

Need to pump up the volume for your on-site audience?  We’re pleased to offer a brand new, two speaker PA system suitable for small and medium sized rooms up to 500 people.

$100 per half day
$150 per full day

Lower budget? We can help with that, too!

We get it – not every event calls for all the bells and whistles… But that shouldn’t keep you from streaming!  For lower-budget events, we have a specialized camera called a Mevo, which can stream in high definition with multiple virtual camera angles using a single operator.  All we need is an Internet connection, an audio feed (or we can provide a mic), and a spot in the front row for the Mevo.

Every livestreamed event comes with a full HD recorded archive copy, available as soon as the day of your event.


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