Corporate Profile Videos

Description: Who are you? What do you do? How do you do it? These are critical questions that your website needs to answer quickly and effectively. Rewatchable’s corporate profile videos do just that, allowing you to deliver your best pitch every time.

Perfect for: Everyone!

90 seconds for $4000-5000

Product/Service Spotlight Videos

Description: At Rewatchable, we believe that you should use video to introduce your company (see our corporate profile videos), and to sell specific products and services. Our product/service spotlight videos are carefully engineered sales tools designed to conquer sales objections and close deals.

Perfect for: Differentiating products/services, seasonal offerings, promotions, email marketing campaigns.

90 seconds for $4000-5000

Customer Testimonial Videos

Description: The most powerful (and often untapped) weapons in your sales arsenal are your existing happy customers. Customer testimonial videos are an incredibly powerful way to quickly build credibility around your brand, products, and services. Rewatchable’s combination of professionalism, non-intrusive equipment, and flexibility ensure a pleasant and relationship-building testimonial gathering process.

Perfect for: Reputation and referral-driven businesses.

90-120 seconds for $4000-5000
Ask about volume discounts

Animated Motion Graphics Video

Description: Give us your logo, talk to our staff about your products and services, and we’ll quickly produce a stunning 30 second custom animation around your business. If you’re completely camera shy or have a product offering that just doesn’t lend itself easily to visual media, Rewatchable’s animated motion graphics videos can provide your business with an easy, affordable, high quality online video solution.

Perfect for: Remote businesses, hard to film products and services.

30 seconds for $999
Ask about adding professional voiceover services

Production Services

Description: Already have your own script and/or creative vision? We can help shoot just about anything you can imagine using our arsenal of small form factor cameras and sound equipment, or your own gear.

Available Options:
Camera Operation
Art direction
Sound Capture
Dolly Operation
Jib Operation

Contact us for pricing about your project.

Post-Production Services

Description: Maybe you’ve already shot a video, taped a meeting, or filmed a presentation and want to give it a professional edge? We can help. Rewatchable offers a full range of post-production services that can turn amateur video into something you’d be proud to use online.

Available Options:
Video Editing
Sound Editing
Color Correction
Color Grading
Motion Graphics
Green/blue screen Keying
Digital Framing (Pan & Scan)
Video Compression and Online Delivery Optimization

Contact us for pricing about your project.

100%  money back guarantee offer only available for standard Rewatchable corporate profile video.  Custom videos are not eligible. Customer must notify Rewatchable within 15 days of delivery of first draft  if they are not satisfied with their video. [/full]