Why Video?

[section][full]Web Video – The Time Is Right

Poor quality video, incompatible players, incredibly slow loading times, poorly shot and edited video. There’s no doubt about it, we’ve all had bad web video experiences. Things have changed and there is now a convergence of technologies that is giving users a much better experience when they view video on the web.  PCs and Macs now have improved performance to allow those devices to render video with exceptional quality. Video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Viddler have removed the complexity from hosting a video on your own site. Better yet, those services stream flash video that can easily be embedded on your website and are compatible with 99% of all web browsers. For you non-technical folk, it all translates to VIDEO IS SUPER EASY TO ADD TO YOUR WEBSITE. Also, now more companies that don’t have huge budgets can afford to produce high quality video content. If your competitor does not have a web video presence today it is likely they will very soon.

Sales & Marketing Video

We don’t want you to come off as the next informercial king or queen in your video. We don’t want you to look slick and overly polished. However, our employees do have strong sales and marketing backgrounds and we will be happy to help you position your messaging. We understand what prospective customers want and need to hear. We will help you remember those things you love to say about your organization to a prospective customer at an initial client meeting or at a cocktail party.

Video Hosted On Your Website

Some customer’s want complete control of their video and they want their video to appear exclusively on their site. No problem. We will deliver various video formats and it should be very easy to host your rewatchable video on your own website exclusively. Just make sure you check with your IT people to ensure you do not have any performance issues or extra bandwidth costs. Usually, hosting the video on your own site is a non-issue but if you have a website with high or growing traffic you want to make sure you are ready.

Video Hosted On Video Sharing Sites

Video is critical for an effective social media strategy. If you choose to embed your video on video sharing sites like YouTube, you will be able to add your video to other social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. More importantly your friends and colleagues will be able to share your video on their pages and introduce your services to their friends and colleagues. Like it or not, the future of social media is bright and it includes video. The good news is you can now get a well shot, carefully edited web video for only $2,500. Your video will essentially be a video web commercial to showcase your company and your services.

Video Search Engine Optimization

Anyone who tells you that they can “guarantee” your website or web video will “absolutely” show up on Google and other search engines is either not being honest or they are misinformed. No one can guarantee such a thing because Google and the other search engines are constantly updating their algorithms and effectively changing the rules of the game. However, now is a great time to play the game and work to get found in search by using video to your advantage. Google has started to frequently show “related video” when users search for particular keywords. For instance, we recently did a video production for a Siphon Coffee Shop, Jaho Coffee north of Boston and they wanted their video thumbnail to show up for the term “Siphon Coffee Shop”. Go ahead and Google the term “Siphon Coffee Shop” yourself to see their video thumbnail and their video when you click on it. We keep up to date with all things video search engine optimization and will be happy to provide you guidance and assistance but unfortunately we can’t make any promises.

Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate

Every website has a ‘bounce rate’. The bounce rate measures the number of visitors who came to a page and ultimately just bounced away before engaging with other pages on the website. Essentially, these visitors are simply ‘window shoppers’ who were not particularly impressed with what they saw in the store window. Let’s face it, most websites are just filled with marketing verbiage and platitudes that leave the viewers scratching their head asking “What does this organization really do? Why are they different? Why are they better?” A rewatchable video upgrades your website and allows you to speak directly to your audience. A rewatchable video humanizes your organization and intrigues the web user so they are inclined to learn more about you and your business. People buy from people and we help personify our customers’ web presence.

Just Say No To Bad Video Production

Some companies are rushing to put video on their website and they settle for an amateurish video recorded with the help of someone’s borrowed camcorder and shot by their unemployed son-in-law or niece. Unfortunately, those videos just detract from your corporate message and tarnish your brand. Our videos are intended to elevate your prospect’s opinion of your organization. We will work hard to make sure your video has that ‘wow factor’ that impresses your prospects and customers.[/full][/section]