The Process

Getting started with video can be daunting – so if you’re at a point where you know that you need video for your online presence, but you’re not quite sure where to get started, this guide is intended to help get you moving in the right direction.

Step 1: What kind of video do you need?

In order to make the perfect video for your business, the first thing we need to do is to establish a primary goal.  Don’t worry if you find yourself saying,’I want all of those things!’ – almost every video we produce contains elements of all three, but it’s important for each video to have a central focus and purpose.

Outstanding corporate videos tend to fall into three basic categories:

  • Show – These videos are centered around informing viewers about your product or service.  If your business is new to online video, a ‘show’-style video is a great place to start.
    • Designed to inform, educate, display
    • Perfect for retail, restaurants, venues, performers
    • Examples: Corporate Profile Video, Product Demo, Service Demo
  • Tell – Think of the ‘tell’ videos as a sort of elevator pitch.  They’re designed to persuade, to differentiate, to
    • Designed to persuade, differentiate, develop familiarity
    • Perfect for service companies, online businesses,
  • Build Trust – One of the fastest and most effective means of building trust with prospective and existing customers is through testimonials.
    • Designed to develop brand, build trust, enhance perception
    • Perfect for companies with established brand/presence

Step 2: Preparation

Prior to coming onsite, we provide you with a questionnaire that provides us with basic information about your business, culture, and web video goals. On the day of the shoot, we’ll conduct a very relaxed, informal interview with each of your subjects.  The interview is structured so that we get exactly the video needed to tell your story in the most natural, engaging way.

Preparation tips:

  • Scout for shooting locations –  When we arrive, we’ll take a quick tour of your facilities to find a few visually appealing locations for you to choose from.  If you know ahead of time that you don’t like your visual surroundings, work with our Sales staff to find a visually interesting public location that reflects your business image and video content.
  • Dress for your surroundings – You may be tempted to get dressed up or alter your appearance to ‘put your best foot forward.’  Avoid that urge!  Dress the way you would normally.  Videos are most persuasive when they’re believable, and we try our best to provide an accurate (flattering) depiction of you in your element.  If you know specifically where we’ll be shooting your video ahead of time, choose colors that contrast with those surroundings.
  • Think about your ‘elevator pitch’ – A lot of small business owners just ‘do what they do,’ and never need a concise description of their product/service.  If this sounds like you, take a few minutes/hours/days until you’re comfortable answering the following questions in a quick sentence or two:
    • Who are you?
    • What do you do?
    • How do you differ from the competition?
    • Why are you better than the competition?

Step 3: The Shoot

On the day of your shoot, a two-person crew will arrive with a small, discrete set of equipment.  Within just a few minutes, we’re set up and ready to begin shooting your location or personnel.  Typically, we’re on site for less than 3 hours, and interviews can often be completed in under one hour per subject.  We leverage cutting edge equipment so that we don’t need extensive lighting setups.  Unlike many competitors, you can continue to run your business while we work!

Step 4: Video Delivery and Promotion

So you’ve got your Rewatchable video.  Terrific, but there’s still work to be done.  We take care of placing your video on our website, a number of streaming services, and providing you with several versions/sizes of your video, but you can take steps to maximize your video’s effectiveness:

  • Post the video to your website – The first thing you’ll want to do is to post your Rewatchable video to your website.  If your primary interest is the visual quality of your video, you can embed one of the high-quality Quicktime copies of your video on your homepage using very simple code.  If you’d rather focus on search engine optimization, you can embed a hosted copy of your video using a single line of code, and then anyone viewing the video on your website will contribute to your video’s search engine rankings.
  • Social Media
    • Facebook – For smaller organizations, Facebook can be a tremendous means of featuring your company.  Posting your video to your company’s Facebook page is a natural, but you should also consider posting it to your personal page as well.  You’ve got a cool video – what a great opportunity to remind your friends and family what you’re up to.
    • Twitter – The ability for your followers to re-Tweet your linked video makes Twitter a powerful tool for getting your video lots of views – and fast.