About Us

Founded in 2009, Rewatchable, Inc. has spent the last decade growing and evolving as the online video industry has developed and boomed.  If it moves and has a play button, we produce it; Live action commercials, executive messaging, product videos, animated explainer videos, software demos, livestreamed event videos, facility tours, aerial drone videos, and more…  Our team is passionate, creative, and customer-focused.

About You

At our core, everyone on our team is smart, nice, and flexible.  Notice how we didn’t mention anything about video or business there?  See, pretty early on, we made an interesting discovery.  Smart, nice, flexible people figure stuff out.  Using a video camera?  We can get a smart, nice, flexible person up to speed with that pretty quickly.  Audio?  Video editing?  Basic motion graphics?  All teachable.  Smart?  Nice?  Flexible?  Not so much.  We need you to bring that.

(Show You) The Money

Create value, get paid accordingly.

At Rewatchable, that’s our simple philosophy around pay.  The work you do generates money for the company.  The more work, and the more valuable the work you complete on behalf of the company, the more we’re able to pay to you.  Want a raise?  Work more and/or learn a new skill.  Want to be a manager?  Take on responsibility and do a great job.   Alternatively, working on a new album and can’t take on as much work or need some extra time off?  We can scale your workload and pay to accomodate almost anything.  More or less, we’ve got your back.



Motion Graphics Specialist

You make text fly around.  You make logos magically appear… and then disappear.  You can take a 30 slide PowerPoint deck and turn it into an exciting 90 second video.  Your lower thirds come in lower first.  You’ve been doing it for a few years – or maybe just a few months – but your stuff is amazing!

Our motion graphics artists handle it all – from fully-animated explainer videos to supporting video creators with amazing intros, outros, and lower thirds, to keying green screen footage or compositing a product into a scene.. if you’re sick of doing the same thing every day, have we got a job for you…

Career Path

Motion Graphics Specialist (0-5yrs) – Senior Motion Graphics Specialist (5-10yrs) – Creative Director (10+yrs)

  • Design Sense 80% 80%
  • Creativity 90% 90%
  • After Effects 85% 85%
  • Final Cut Pro X 60% 60%
  • Communication Skills 80% 80%
  • Flexibility 100% 100%

Video Generalist

One of us.  Jack or Jill of all trades, maybe even master of some eventually!

If you’re an experienced marketer or engineer who’s dabbled in video – or even wants to dabble in video, Rewatchable may be the place for you. As a Video Generalist, you might very realistically have a different job every day for a month straight. You could be interviewing an executive one day, operating a switcher at a live event the next, cleaning up audio the day after that, and then spend the next day back at the office organizing and editing video. And while that may sound daunting, rest assured… you’re always part of an experienced team and we’re not hiring you unless we think you’ll be able to figure it all out.

We’re not looking for people who know everything.  We’re looking for the type of person who realizes what they don’t know and has the ingenuity and curiosity to figure it out..

Career Path

Video Generalist (0-5yrs) – Senior Video Generalist (5-??yrs) – Creative Director (10+yrs)

  • Curiosity 95% 95%
  • Flexiility 95% 95%
  • Creativity 95% 95%
  • Video Skills 65% 65%
  • People Skills 80% 80%
  • Handy with a Computer 75% 75%

How to Apply

If one of our positions sounds like you, and you like the sound of us, we’d love to meet you!  The best way to get started with us is to reach out and talk to someone.  You can introduce yourself via email at jobs@rewatchable.com, or give us a call at 978.801.1110.  Resumes are great, but we’d rather see what you’re capable of.  If you’re already making videos or motion graphics, show us a few great examples of what you’ve done.  Maybe even show us to some less-than-great projects you’ve worked on and tell us how what you’d have changed in retrospect.  If you’re not working with video (yet), tell us why you’d like to – tell us about your current background, what attracts you to Rewatchable, and what you can bring to the table while we get you up to speed on the technical side.

You’re Welcome Here

Rewatchable is an equal opportunity employer.  Race, gender, ethnicity, disability – as long as you speak business, love video, and treat people well, we don’t care.  We value diversity, and view it as essential to our continuing growth.  Our clients are men and women, domestic and international, young and old, and our ‘organizational voice’ needs to be as diverse and evolving as the world around us in order to keep producing the best possible work.

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