Inbound marketing is all about content.

And, if you ask us, some of the best content is video.  Why?  Getting the brightest, most eloquent people in your organization to sit down and write valuable, engaging content on a regular basis is hard.  Writing can be difficult and time consuming.  Seriously, non-media companies are hiring journalists.  As a marketer, it’s much easier to get those same bright and eloquent people to sit down in front of a camera for a half hour every month or two to discuss the things they care about – new products, industry news, company history, anything engaging that you think an existing or potential customer might want to know about.

On the other side of those shoots is a treasure trove of content – any brief, interesting opinion or discussion with an educated, engaged person?  That’s content.  Great content.  Better than most blog posts content.  Think about it – all those customers, friends, and prospects that follow your blog, your Facebook page, your Twitter feed?  You get a minute of their attention, they get some great content, and you only need your content creators’ time every few months.  Toss in some captions for SEO purposes, and you’ve got real live, grade-A marketing materials.

Awesome, right?  So make video a part of your regular content strategy, and start reaping the inbound marketing benefits.